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Nordic Green Energy nominated for Best Energy Brand


Out of 80 shortlisted brands from 20 countries all over the world, Nordic Green Energy has been nominated
in the category Best Green Energy Brand by CHARGE – Energy Branding Conference.

The world’s first energy branding awards CHARGE will be held the 19th-20th of September 2016 in Reykjavik,
Iceland. Energy experts from around the world will gather to witness the choice of the world’s best energy
brands. But also to share knowledge, best practices of consumer engagement and discuss the future of energy.
Behind the initiative is Dr Fridrik Larsen, CEO at LarsEn Energy Branding and the world’s leading expert in the
field of energy branding:

— The main purpose of the awards is to draw attention to the necessity of good branding in a rapidly changing
energy space. One way of doing that is to showcase and honour good brands. Nordic Green Energy effectively
use the positive impact of their brand to turn energy into something fun and simple. At the same time, the
brand communicates that you’re doing nature a favour when choosing renewable energy. That’s why
Nordic Green Energy most certainly is a good example of excellent branding, says Dr Fridrik Larsen.
A panel of experts with an extensive overview of the worldwide energy market and an industry perspective
stands behind the nomination. Nordic Green Energy has, as the only Nordic brand, been nominated in the
category Best Green Energy Brand.

— Adding colour to an energy brand might seem hopeless. Even adding the colour green is sometimes not
enough! For us, brand is therefore not only wrapping and content, it’s about DNA – who we are and what we
stand for! That’s why we are extremely proud and excited about this nomination, says Jan Johnsen, CEO at
Nordic Green Energy.

För mer information, kontakta:
Jan Inge Johnsen, CEO Nordic Green Energy telephone +46-72-717 53 22
Hanna Radoncic, Head of Marketing and Communications at Nordic Green Energy | telephone +46-70-086 40 05
Dr Fridrik Larsen, CEO LarsEn Energy Branding | e-mail fl@hi.is

Press release in Swedish

Nordic Green Energy
Nordic Green Energy sprung to life in the year 2000. The company was the first dedicated 100% renewable electricity supplier in Sweden. Today Nordic Green Energy is the leading supplier in the Nordic countries of renewable energy from sun, wind and water. The company is represented in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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